Low-cost Spectrum Analyser

  • RFM22B on a Raspberry Pi

    RFM22B on a Raspberry Pi

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    After about 3 weeks the Raspberry Pi RFM22B has arrived. The boards have been soldered and tested. There is some setup needed to get the SPI interface working, this is all explained at the top of some example code I am attaching at the bottom of this post. I built a total of 3 of […]Read More »
  • 32 bit spectrum analyser update

    32 bit spectrum analyser update

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    The 32-bit spectrum analyzer has been used for multiple tasks in its prototype form. However, it has been decided to slightly change the final design. This choice is motivated mainly by the application I am using for my Master’s degree. Therefore, this is the end of the development for the 32-bit analyzer and the birth […]Read More »
  • Birth of the 32bit RS232 spectrum analyser

    Birth of the 32bit RS232 spectrum analyser

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    It is time to revisit the RS232 spectrum analyser. Below is an image of some prototyping on a breadboard followed by a soldered working version including an SMA connection. The problem with the previous spectrum analyser was mainly in the computation of the frequency set registers which involved large 9 digit values, a hard feat […]Read More »
  • Graphical User Interface v1…

    Graphical User Interface v1…

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    Here are some screenshots of the spectrum analyser graphical user interface. Please note that the levels shown have not yet been tested with proper equipment. Proper tests and calibration will be done in the next hardware iteration.Read More »
  • RS232 Spectrum Analyser

    RS232 Spectrum Analyser

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    This project came from the idea that I needed a simple, light spectrum analyzer which could be easily interfaced to embedded applications. This design was a proof of concept which made use of an RFM22B radio module and a PIC16F690. A simple GUI was also constructed for initial testing purposes. Photos of the prototype can be […]Read More »