The intelligent ski-course

Last year I started building an intelligent ski-course, which was basically a set of buoy drones that would swim to there positions in a public river to form a ski course. This would then allow tons of interesting possibilities apart from easy setup, such as changing the shape of the course. Most of the project is documented on As I am a very eager slalom skier in dire need of a course for the local public lake I would very much like to finish this project. However, at this point I find myself without time working on finishing my PhD. I will one day restart my efforts, if anyone is interested in developing the project from where I left it, you are more that welcome, just keep me in the loop.

The state of the project:

  1. Most of the code has been written.
  2. The electronics for the buoy and base station has been mostly finalized
  3. 3D printed parts needs to be revised
  4. Propulsion system needs to be tested
  5. Control system must be programmed
  6. Support must be added for the rest of the buoys

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